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TOP SELLERMedium-Firm is great for coarse hair and thick hairAll Natural IngredientsWorks to Remove Hair on Body and FaceEasy to Use

Medium-Firm is our top seller because it is firm enough to not melt too fast on the hotter body areas, but it is slightly smoother to work with than the Firm, especially when doing a lot of Brazilian sugaring like in a busy salon. Medium-Firm can work well on chest and stomach hair. Medium-Firm will not work super well on the finer hairs like peach fuzz. Medium-Firm works best on coarse hair like bikini and underarm type hair. It also can be fitting for brow shaping on coarse brow hair, like men's. Medium-Firm was created as a in-between the Medium and the Firm to give estheticians a 'perfect' consistency that wasn't too Firm but was firmer than the medium. It seems to be the primary one used in busy salons. Sugaring Paste is used for removing hair from the body and face. The hair must be grown out for the sugar to remove it. Sugar paste can be used with a strip of cloth to remove it. However, the manufacturer made My Gold Sugar primarily for the stripless method or 'flick method' which they like to call it. The paste is meant to only be slightly warmed prior to use (10 seconds in a microwave). The sugar jar can be warmed in a sugar or wax warmer. If using a wax warmer set it on the lowest possible temperature since most wax pots are too hot for sugar. The sugar works best when it is about body temperature, close to 100 degrees.

16oz My Gold Sugar Sugaring for Hair Removal Medium-Firm LAKLGIQTH

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