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Easy, Quick, Simple Shampoo Type Hair Dye

Features It's easy to use because 1st agent and 2nd agent are in a pouch It's pouch type that easy to keep It has 15 natural ingredient to safe your scalp Volume (1pcs) : 30g (1.05 oz) Directions for use Put on a glove and lather up like shampoo. Apply like shampoo and leave on for 5~10 minutes and finish off with your favorite conditioner. It contains Natural Ingredients Sage, Ginseng, Grape fruit, Brown alga, Cnidium, Aloe, Mugwort, Green tea, Morus bark, Rosemary, Peony, Calendula, Parsley, Licorice, Iris for your hair condition.

5pcs Shampoo Type Hair Dye Colourant Dark Brown Color for Cover Gray Grey Hair Easy Quick Henna CTZMBHDWT

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