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Package contains 110-grams of Ortiz ventresca tuna de bonito del norteThis is the gourmet cut of fish--the belly.Cooked and packed in olive oil to preserve the tuna's highly prized flavor

Ventresca is the finest part of the Bonito del Norte tuna. Each tuna is line caught by hand, preserving the texture and flavor that can be damaged by the stress of harvesting by net. As long as tuna boats have plied the seas, ventresca, the belly of the tuna, has been highly prized as the tastiest and most tender part of the entire tuna. Our ventresca is prepared in limited quantities. It is still manually cut from the ventral area of Bonito tuna. Once it is perfectly cleaned it is filleted and canned, always by hand; as no machine process would be capable of leaving intact such a delicate and tender meat. It is then packed in olive oil to preserve its delicate and moist flavor. Many connoisseurs consider ventresca a well-kept secret as a gourmet treat.

8 Pack of Ortiz Ventresca White Tuna Belly in Oil KCXVKXTMO

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