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Alta Cucina TomatoesPlum TomatoesStanislaus Plum TomatoesWhole Plum Tomatoes

Using specially selected varieties, Stanislaus has produced the closest thing to Old Italy grown in California , Alta Cucina Whole Plum Tomatoes is a soft, sweet, tender, ultra-premium quality of vine ripened plum tomatoes in “Naturale” style juice. These vine ripened plum tomatoes are canned with tomato juice and fresh basil leaves releasing fresh fragrance and striking flavor. For a great quick sauce, cook all of the contents in the can for 8-10 mins on high, blend, spice, then cook for another 10- 15 mins.

- American Grown San Marzano style plum tomatoes
- “Old school” gourmet of Stanislaus brand tomatoes
- Good for pizza sauce and pasta
- Available in a single pack, a pack of 3 or a pack of 6

Alta Cucina Whole Plum Tomatoes 10 WXMROZPPM

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