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Begin your daily beauty routine with a gentle, foaming cleanser highly recommended for dry skin. Our body wash is blended with dried milk solids to keep your skin looking and feeling soft and supple. Soy, oat and rice proteins all converge to gently cleanse and exfoliate for clean and clear skin. The final result is a distinctive body wash that you will love from the first time it's applied. With all of the inherent benefits of its natural ingredients and its irresistibly fresh scent, it is no wonder our Milk Body Wash is consistently recognized as one of the best moisturizing body washes for men and women alike.

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Welcome to the world of Archipelago Botanicals - where warm candlelight, exquisite fragrance, and soothing products make a house a home.

Archipelago Milk Body Wash 17 Fl Oz PDZKFKPBE

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